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Setting up a wireless network Please refer to your Post Office Start Up Guide for instructions on setting up a wireless network. If you can only connect to the internet from your computer to your Router via an Ethernet cable, then your connection problem lies with the Router's wireless functionality.

Routers use various security technologies to prevent unauthorised users connecting to your network.

Which is the best broadband provider in the UK?

Further steps There are further steps you can take to enhance the security of your wireless network, such as -. Change the admin access password of your Router, rather than leaving it as the default. If you enable file-sharing on your computer, do not share your system files, and protect shared folders with a password. If you have a problem with your Internet Connection, then you can carry out the 'Home Checks', as set out below.

You can carry out these checks on your own. Is the Router connected to a Microfilter? Find all the 'BT'-type telephone sockets in the house, and disconnect all plugs from them.

Connect the Microfilter directly to the BT master phone socket, so that the connection does not use any long lengths of telephone extension wiring. Check that the plug from the Microfilter is pushed all the way into the BT socket. If the power light is not on, check that the plug from the power supply is pushed all the way into the 'POWER' socket. If the power light is still not on, press the POWER button and wait for about 30 seconds for a solid green light to come on. If the Internet IS working now, then it's possible that the problem was a loose connection, or damaged extension wiring.

If you are experiencing short breaks in connection, then please note that after the initial connection to the Post Office Broadband service, the connection can take up to an hour to stabilise, and, in a few cases up to 24 hours. During this time you may experience an intermittent connection - usually accompanied by a flashing light on your Router. This is normal and is not a fault with the service. It is caused by the exchange testing different speeds to determine the fastest stable speed for your line conditions. Once this process is complete, your service should stabilise.

Note that, although you should have a stable broadband connection after the first hour, the service in fact takes a further 10 days to identify and settle at the final optimum speed for your phone line. During this period you may notice your broadband speed fluctuating. Again, this is a normal characteristic of the way the service works and is not a fault. If you are experiencing a long-term intermittent problem with your Internet connection, then there are a number of factors that could be responsible. An intermittent connection - possibly accompanied by a flashing light on your Router - is most likely caused by the Post Office Broadband Service automatically adjusting the connection speed in order to maintain the fastest possible stable connection a process known as 're-synching'.

Re-synchs are usually triggered by electrical interference affecting your phone line. The re-synch process requires the broadband signal to be dropped for seconds while a new stable speed is identified. Your broadband service should then re-connect automatically. Is the problem caused by interference in the home? It's possible that faulty or poorly designed electrical equipment inside or close to your home can emit excessive radio interference that can adversely effect your broadband connection.

The important thing to look out for is if your connection disappears immediately the offending electrical equipment is turned on or used and re-appears spontaneously as soon as the equipment is turned off. This can be easier to spot if the fault re-occurs at the same time of the day, for instance: whenever the central heating turns on or at dusk when the streetlights come on. Also, if your neighbours have broadband then check with them: if they are experiencing a similar pattern of connection failure to yours then this could also indicate an interference problem in the area.

Possible sources of interference are faulty electrical equipment - usually as a result of a faulty or failing components within the power supply. Televisions, video recorders, satellite receivers, computer hardware such as monitors, printers and scanners and electric central heating, can operate in this faulty condition. Another common source of the problem is faulty lighting equipment - fluorescent strips, flashing seasonal lights, garden or security lights. Once you've identified the equipment that's causing the interference, then you can just turn it off when you need to be on online until you get a chance to replace it you may be able to get away with just replacing the power supply.

If this is not possible then you should contact our Customer Service Line below and ask the Technical Help Desk for their advice. Ask for a line check If your connection is consistently slow or intermittent after that initial period you can contact us and we will run a diagnostics test on your line. You can call our Customer Service Line on Lines are open every day from 8am to 8pm on Mon-Sat and 9am-6pm on Sun. Calls are free when made from an active Post Office HomePhone line. Calls made through other service providers are charged at their standard rates. Calls may be recorded, monitored and used for training and compliance purposes.

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Sometimes the amount of traffic on the network can cause slowness, or an individual website may be 'slow', but if you're suffering from a consistently poor connection speed on all the websites you visit, here are some things to try -. Try to connect your Router directly to your home's main telephone socket, with a microfilter connected in-between the two. Don't use an extension telephone socket if it can be avoided - using an extension telephone socket will increase the chances of receiving electrical interference. You can consider connecting your computer wirelessly to your Router, instead.

The speed of your Internet connection depends on a number of factors - one important factor is how many other people are using the network in your house, and another important factor is whether it is a 'peak period' or not. The peak period is around 5pm to 12 midnight. So, for example, if someone uses peer-to-peer software in your household, they can schedule their internet use at times when other people aren't using the internet. Generally, the more powerful computer that you have then the faster your browsing experience will be.

For us to provide the Broadband Service, you must have a fully working and licensed personal computer. Keep your Router away from sources of electrical interference -. So make sure that your Router is placed at least five feet away from any of these -. Slow web pages can also be caused by a full cache of web pages or incorrect settings in Internet Explorer. To clear the cache, improve speed and also restore your default settings -. Click on Apply , then click on OK. If you are downloading video, music, or other files, then your connection will slow down - and consequently, browsing the web may be a slower experience.

To improve your broadband connection speed pause the download, and resume it at a later time. Are there any programs running in the background which may be affecting your connection speed? Viruses, spyware and some adware are together known as malware short for "malicious software". These programs can get on to your computer without your knowledge and run in the background while using up resources. Have you raised the "security level" or equivalent setting on your firewall software?

If you have it set to a very high security level this may give the appearance of a slower connection. This is because when the security level is high your firewall software will be closely examining everything being downloaded to your computer, which takes time. This is a matter of personal choice, but you may wish to consider lowering the security level to the default or normal setting in order to speed things up. Also, check that you are only running one firewall and one antivirus program. Running more than one of each can cause processor overload and incorrect message reporting on intruder detection, hacker attacks, and more commonly virus reporting.

If you are experiencing internet speed related issues then it is recommended that you should run the three tests below Speed, Traceroute, Ping before calling the Technical Support team. These tests will help the Technical Support team to understand and diagnose your problem. Detailed instructions for how to run these tests, capture results and send these to the technical team are given below. PART 1 - All customers experiencing speed issues are advised to run the tests recommended in this section.

Before running the tests - Disable the wireless on the router. Once all the tests are complete then this can be switched back on. If you have got any other variant of the router then please refer to its user manual for how to disable the wireless. The router should be connected to the Master socket for running these tests.

The Master socket is the main socket in the property and connects directly to the incoming telephone line. All the other sockets in the property connect to it. Using a hard wired Ethernet connection , please connect a PC or a laptop directly to the router as shown below. This will then start the Download and Upload speed tests as shown in the screenshot below Once the speed tests are complete you should get results in the format as shown in the example screenshot below.

Important Note - Please ensure to correctly enter your home telephone number at the bottom left of the following screen. This should then display the results of the speed test as below. Once you have completed the speed tests then these results will be automatically sent to us and you do not need to do anything more for this test.. Open a command prompt window to perform further tests - On a laptop or a PC following the instructions below.

Click the Start button typically bottom left hand corner of the screen b.

Sorry, we can't yet do a full comparison for all Hull postcodes.

This will open up a command prompt window for a machine running Windows7 - see the screenshot below. If this does not work for the machine you are using, then please refer to its user guide accordingly for opening the command prompt window. Where the oval shape is in the screenshot below, you should see the username of your laptop or pc. Now run a Traceroute test in the command prompt window - complete 3 trace routes by following the instructions below - a.

Your screen will show a different username. Now press the Enter button on your keyboard. This page is designed to answer all your questions about broadband providers — and help you find the best deal. If you want help with choosing the best deal, simply complete our quick and easy form , and we'll connect you to the most suitable suppliers today. Hit-and-miss connections, snail-pace internet speeds and lousy customer service are all things we can do without. The trick to finding your best match is in deciding what matters most to you, and our list will help you spot your top contenders.

To be a Startups chart-topper, the broadband provider needed to score highly in all of the three areas our start-ups tell us matter most to them:. This also helped us work out which internet providers small business owners should definitely avoid. Here is how they compare. You can click any of the provider names to skip straight to their section, or you can check out their deals on their websites with the website links in this table. Interested in comparing providers now? Simply complete our quick and easy form and we'll match you up with the best provider for your business.

But whilst Virgin Media has some of the fastest speeds, their broadband is only available to just over half the UK's population. Generally, you'll choose between standard broadband speeds up to 38Mbps and super-fast fibre-optic broadband usually up to 76Mbps — although with Virgin you can get up to Mbps. So, the big question on many small business owners' lips: are the standard broadband speeds of 38Mbps fast enough for my business? Or do I need to pay more for turbo-charged broadband?

To help you work it out, here's a break-down of what you can and can't do with standard broadband:. That means if you're running a small office with just a few computers and doing little more than checking emails and the odd upload, the standard broadband speeds will be just fine for you. But the more employees you add, the more they'll slow you down.

As a rule of thumb, three's a crowd, so once you hit that magic number, it's worth looking to upgrade although you won't quite need Mbps until you're competing with Amazon. Compared with many broadband providers, Vodafone really go the extra mile. Vodafone is one for value for money — three quarters of their customers find it excellent.

Vodafone really are hard to beat on price, and their customers are generally happy with them. EE offers some of the fastest broadband speeds around at a price that might surprise you.

Post Office broadband deals

EE offers a great mix of value for money and decent broadband speeds. They are able to offer super-fast speeds using their very own broadband network — or as they put it, their magical high-tech cable. With Virgin, your options are superfast or superfast. Virgin Media is known for its stellar customer service — and Ofcom backs it up. But you can actually pay even less when you combine your broadband with their range of phone bundles — and even throw in a TV extra. Usually, you can get the Plusnet router for free too. The wait times are also fine between one and two minutes , but they do get quite a few complaints the third highest number.

You can go for broadband only if you already have a mobile with another network and can sign up for just one-month contracts with their standard internet speeds though fibre broadband has a minimum contract of 12 months. Zen really do as their name suggests — they keep their customers happy and feeling taken care of. But you can save a bundle on fibre-optic broadband elsewhere.

If you care more about value for money than customer service, you might like to consider some of our other broadband providers like EE and Virgin Media which are also well rated for reliability and customer support. If you're willing, it's the second cheapest broadband only deal out there right now. Get the deal from the Post Office now. Get this deal from NOW Broadband now.

Most of the cheapest deals on broadband will be on ADSL packages, the cheapest form of broadband connection available. However, there are some very reasonably price fibre packages on offer as well, so don't skip out on an extra Mbps if you can afford a few extra pounds every month. Hyperoptic Broadband is worth highlighting, as its packages run on a day rolling contract, meaning you can opt out at any time without any unexpected fees to pay.

This includes all the best cheap broadband deals, alongside the best ways to watch the Premier League this season. Fibre broadband is a connection which supplies internet access to your home via fibre optic cables. It's normally faster than conventional broadband. FTTC utilises fibre optic cables to deliver the bandwidth from the exchange to cabinets on the street.

It's then served to your home using standard copper cables. It usually delivers speeds of up to 76Mbps. FTTP offers an end-to-end fibre optic connection from the exchange all the way to your home or business.

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This does require an active phone line.