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I in fact do have a life, a very full one! I am President of Brand Technologies, an international fraud and risk mitigation company that performs investigations and remediation primarily for the CPG consumer packaged goods industry. Brand Technologies collaborates with law enforcement and retail loss prevention teams to help prosecute fraudsters.

The continual rise in digital and social media platforms — main stream as well as the Dark Net, makes the spread of coupon fraud more prolific than ever. Brand Technologies performs risk mitigation for all types of situations: from Fortune 50 companies to small co-op ownership groups. Do these coupons scan or do they require some type of cashier intervention?

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It is not hard to use when couponers know their cashiers well and they buy groceries. There are free item coupons that I have got in my inserts, but I buy with other items with coupons also. A lot of cashiers are couponers themselves. Dumb criminals. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Five Arrested for Using Fraudulent Coupons at Walmart

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Tweet this! Maggie says: October 5, at pm. Cara says: October 3, at pm. Geely says: October 3, at am. Andy says: October 3, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published. Cash-back savings apps:. Printable coupons:. Privacy policy Disclosure policy. We're got hit hard with coupon fraud some years ago.

Walmart Thanksgiving/Black Friday Coupon Scams

We were blind sided with some slick technology maneuvers that no one heard of before. This one was a huge operation that made, and taught how to make, coupons that would scan at the register.

click here You're just gonna have to be as diligent as possible. Report anything suspicious to your APM. We cracked down and it's a lot less common now. The bigger problem lately is misuse of legitimate coupons at the self-check out. It's the best way to learn how to recognize a fake coupon.

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Use the 'walk around the check' method to look for certain things that will tell you 'it's a fake. Few weeks ago a few folks did some chapstick coupons and loaded the excess onto a walmsrt gift card, and paid the tax woth a second gift card, they made hundreds, noone cared instore. What drives me crazy is when they use legitimate coupons to make money. We have slowed that down by choosing to go to the original register-retrieving the coupons and giving them the coupons back as well as what they actually paid. Coupon policy does state that they can only use coupons for items purchased got use or gifts, so unless they plan to give 10 of their closest friends an industrial sized bottle of Gain, we can use that to deny the return.