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Over the 18 years that this cruise has been running these folks have raised and donated , Vern who has owned Hinton Automotive for many years purchase the West Carleton Automotive Machine Shop and Engine building business from Larry Aslagsen who has been a fixture in the drag racing world for decades in this area.

This company is as close as you can get too a big box automotiv e and performance shop, with the ability to supply you with what ever you need from general maintenance to full tilt performance. Larry who still too this day continues to head up the West Carleton side of the building for Vern has a long history with in the Motorsports Performance World Locally. The shop which is state of the art includes a Dyno to test the race engines long before they see the race track.

And whether it is a big block Dodge, a small block Chevy or any other type West Carleton not only has the ability but also has the history and the record to build what ever you need. Scott Drummond is just one of many who rely on this shop for work when it comes to making Fords pound the ground with lots of horse power.

Yes in the drag racing community this shop can handle what ever make or brand you have when it comes to making horse power, work done by seasoned veterans of the machine shop and engine building business's. Now after that you would think that only drag motors come out of this shop and that is very far from the truth as Stock Car Racing, High Performance Boat Engines, Truck and Tractor Pulling and just plane old street car performance engines are a regular occurrence out of the shop. The Hinton Automotive side of the building is where the general automotive repair goes on, but besides this work there is a great deal of performance minded stuff as well.

Many of the street scene and hot rods locally depend on Vern and the Team for any type of work they require and not just from the engine point of view which they obviously have all wrapped up with the West Carleton Division. Chassis work, installation, I have even been in when fibreglass work was being done on a hood scoop for a race car, so yes when we say anything you need, you can get when it comes to Automotive, general or performance.

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We would like too thank Vern and Cathy Hinton for their continue support of Luskville Dragway and their support of the Motorsports World in our area. Brian White the owner of the shop and his wife Jose Mongeon a many time winner at Luskville Dragway, will team up with their in house built soft tail rear engine dragster for the summer.

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Brian who gets busier by the day at the new shop, as the season nears is extremely pleased with the response from his marketing involvement with Luskville Dragway, and the support that has been shown from the racers to supporting those that support the sport we all love. Brian has a vast history of building great cars and doing great work, and was rewarded for that with his Best Engineered Award from NHRA at one of the Divisional Points Meets a couple of years back.

This alone is all the proof anyone should ever need in the question of just how good a job does he does. White who began his racing career behind the wheel of a door car Camaro that he built , has spend that last years of racing behind the wheel of a in house build dragster.

This is the car that he and Jose will compete with at Luskville Dragway this season. The Camaro which was Brian's first project went on to become part of the ADM Motorsports Team where it spend many a Sunday Afternoon in the winners circle, as the car worked so good it was like driving a Cadillac. Currently Wayne Burke has son Kyle's rear engine dragster in the shop for some new body panels and updates, as well as scaling and set up for the new season.

White has proven himself over and over and we are fortunate to have such a skilled craftsmen in our back yard when it comes to chassis's, tin work, set up, wiring you name he does it. We will start being at the track over the next two weeks to start work that is scheduled for this summer as well as getting things ready for the beginning of the season.

We start the season with three Saturdays in a row, for testing, for street cars and each Saturday will also feature a cruise night.

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Marco not only picked up the Jr. To say this is a wild looking piece would be putting it very mildly as the picture shows, congrats guys. Marie area. Jordan and his family got there drag racing start at Elliot Lake many years ago, and with out question will be very interesting to see him this summer, as he continues his evolution in the drag racing world.

Will pretty cool to see him and Dave Wagner also of the Sault the other Northern based funny car come too the line together, hopefully we see both at Luskville this season and that is the plan. Conveniently located right on the just east of Gananoque the modern day facility caters to the motorsports arena with great pleasure.

Hen ry Boer who is the owner is a avid motorsports person and supports a number of facilities and racers besides Luskville Dragway. The facility carries a number of different makes of race car haulers including Haulmark and ATC which has become the choice of many racers like Mike Chenier and Ray Pillwein from the track who both have new ATC Models of trailers from Islands. The business always has a number of trailers in stock to choose from and if they don't have what you want they can quickly get in from their manufactures in Indiana.

So yes we are very pleased that once again in , like for many years now, Islands is the official Race Car Trailer and Motorhome supplier of Luskville Dragway. Now another thing that tells some people that spring is here is Hockey playoffs, and when the home town team is in the hunt, well you have to adjust, and adjust we did as to say the drivers meeting was an exciting time this year, we would be stating a understatement for sure.

Now we wont take all the credit for one of the most exciting drivers meetings of all time as we did juggle the meeting around what turned out too be a very good hockey game for Ottawa Fans and most of the folks at the meeting where Ottawa fans. So with that as a back drop it was easy to see why everyone was smiling and having such a good time at this years drivers meeting, as most where quite aware that the track would be open in two weeks for testing, and their Hockey team the Ottawa Senators would be in the playoffs, win win.

As usual, once again as in many years past, a large group of enthusiastic drivers, crew members and family par took in the event that took place at Busters Bar and Grill on Carling Ave. A number of things where discussed, including payouts, entree fee's , which by the way where are not going up, unlike many tracks, special programs, improvements and just an overall outlook on what was happening this year at Luskville. A number of advertisers where present including new advertisers Ottawa DriveShaft and Steering. So now we mark the next milestone on the calendar for and that being the first test and tune weekend of the year April 25th which is coming fast.

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  4. And this week the Harling's, Bill and Gord have passed word along that Gord's car is done and already to go, and work has now begun on getting Bill's car ready for Opening weekend at Luskville Dragway. This Father and son team from Sudbu ry is no stranger too Luskville Dragway or the Luskville Dragway winners circle, and both are capable of making their way there at anytime.

    Gord and his wild Plymouth Sedan is a car that the fans love to see at Luskville Dragway as it is not your average, low slung, Camaro or mustang as the picture shows, but it does have the tendencies of pulling the front wheels every time it leaves the starting line. Second generation driver Bill would be quick to point out that he did not have the best of seasons in after switching to a much more powerful engine combination.


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    But lots of hard work and many adjustments have made Bill feel confident that things will be back to normal in , and round wins will show up much more than last season. This family really is a perfect example of a family that races together, as they travel down the road with motorhomes and trailers and three generations of Harling's.

    This is also some of the nicest people you will meet in the sport and are always a welcomed sight to see coming through the gates at Luskville Dragway. This along with many other North Racers is making Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend shaping up to be the biggest in a long, long time. Drivers meeting is an important cog in the wheel of the season so we hope that all will come out and lets get things off too a great start this season.

    We will be beginning to swing our web site post days to our summer system of the main post being on Monday, over the next couple of weeks we will begin to delay it one day at a time until we are posting on Mondays following the first we ekend racing. Mike Chenier who will debut a brand new paint scheme this season was in too see shop owner Brian White to have his car scaled and the Methanol set up, set up. Wayne Burke from Sudbury also dropped his and son's Kyle dragster off for some brand new body panels and a few other items.

    BW Race Cars is the official Chassis Shop of Luskville Dragway and can be counted on for many things besides building chassis's as can be seen by the first part of this post. Something else we an use some help with is getting our facebook numbers up, we are closing in on , and would like to really get those numbers up, so share our page with your facebook friends and invite them too join.

    Yes we only have right now, but they are all motorsports people, and that is who we want on the facebook page, if everyone got one person to join up we could really get our numbers up. Rolly Doucette an d Ed DeCooman the owners of this very successful performance and race engine shop now located in Chesterville, Ontario where some of the original drag racers from this area, and where some of the first to come through the gates way back when Luskville Dragway opened.

    Yes there is no question that these two could talk too you about the difference in today's racing compared to back then, when cars where flat towed or actually driven to the track to compete in what was then only SUNDAY racing.

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    The shop which pumps out a tremendous amount of race engines makes sure they are all ready to go as the last stop is on the shops dyno before being shipped out. Now don't think for a moment that they only build drag racing engines as many a street car performer comes out of this shop as well, as do boat engines and truck and tractor pulling bullets.

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    6. They also had a breathing mask. They were doing great the 2nd day so the breathing masks were removed! The photos below were taken 2 hours after they were born. Seriously, there are 2 pages worth of store coupons in the ad this week! I blurred the bar codes so they can't be photo copied. Please pick up a sales ad when you visit your Local Homeland!

      I have requested it several times and still a no show. So I will try to post the Rural Matchups on Wednesdays. Thats the earliest I can see the ad Looks like the Ad is very similar to the Metro Sales Ad this week! You can get tons of groceries for a very low price here! They also have good sales on Meat! Also make sure you bring a Quarter to get a shopping cart and your own bags or boxes to carry your groceries home.

      I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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      Sorry I haven't been posting as often! I still have more items to add to this matchup and will have it done by tomorrow night! These coupons are typically amazing! Supplies are limited and you can only print 1 coupon per device! This sale starts on Wednesday April 8!

      I typically don't post the matchup this early, but I have family coming into town this weekend and will not have a ton of time to work on it! The sales ad is attached! I love knowing how many inserts I am going to get in advance. It helps me stay on budget because buying multiple newspapers can get expensive! Insert schedule subject to change. I will try to keep it updated! This will be me on January 4th! I plan on getting 8 Newspapers. I am not impressed with the items on sale at Walgreens this week. So the list isnt very long.

      I only listed items that would give you RR or Points and I thought was an okay or decent deal. Lets go over the basics 1. Register Rewards - Also known as RR.